On Saturday, Hub and I went to Wordcamp San Francisco 2010! It was my first Wordcamp and Hub’s second. The day was organized in such a way that there were two possible talks going on simultaneously through most of the day – a ‘techie’ talk and a talk for the not-so techie (such as myself).

After an introduction from the very impressive Matt Mullenweg, CEO of WordPress, we both attended a talk by blogger/writer/published author, Scott Berkun talking about what he imagined would be the future of WordPress. He threw around several interesting ideas including the idea of WP being the platform for revolution!

The next talk by Vanessa Fox about blog optimization was not that relevent to me, but interesting all the same.

Then came the highlight of my day – an AMAZING talk by Karl Fogel, who is described as an open source developer, author, and copyright reform activist, who works for Questioncopyright.org. The talk was titled, ‘Bodysurfing the Blogosphere: How an Audience-Distributed Film Won Big’. He spoke about artist Nina Paley, who released her animated film, ‘Sita Sings The Blues’ under a free license, with a completely open source economic model. The talk was riveting! I learned more about Open Source from it than almost anything else I have read about it to date! It gave me some great ideas and lots of inspiration. You can see the powerpoint presentation that accompanied the talk here. I am sure that WordPress will put up a video of the talk sometime soon. I strongly recommend keeping an eye out for it.

Hub and I split up for the next talk. Hub went to a talk about User Experience and I went to a really strange talk called ‘Living with Our Computers… and Keeping it Healthy’, which involved the speaker showing us lots of photos of himself – initially ‘romantic photos of him having picnics and sleeping with his Macbook and his iPad’- then photos of himself doing various exercises to prevent back problems associated with heavy computer use. I thought it was all a little bit dodgy.

After lunch we all attended a really inspiring talk by Matt Mullenweg titled ‘State of the Word’. It made me really glad that we use WordPress and again educated me more about the world of Open Source.

Then Hub and I split again. I went to an interesting talk about the history of blogging by Scott Rosenberg. Hub’s talk – by Richard Stallman was running late, so I managed to catch the tail end of that. Richard Stallman is a very unique and interesting man – he cuts quite a distinctive figure with his Santa-esque belly and long beard. Sadly, not being a techie and not having Hub doing his usual translation from techie-speak to English next to me, meant that some went over my head! I did however get the ‘Firefly’ allusions, which were plentiful!

Here are my photos from the day:

One of the slides that Scott Rosenberg showed at his talk - co-incidentally showing him and Richard Stallman, who was doing the parallel talk!

The ‘Lightning Sessions’ that followed were mostly too technical for me. The two presentations that really stood out were by Rinat Tuhvatshin and Raphael Mudge. Rinat is from Kyrgyzstan. His talk was about how his portal, Kloop.kg which hosts over 1500 blogs) dared to cover otherwise repressed news stories. Made me really appreciate the power of the internet. He was a really inspiring guy!

Raphael Mudge talked about After the Deadline, a new more ‘intelligent’ proofreading system for emails and blogs that he has devised. Apart from the fact that Raphael’s presentation was really fun and engaging, the product he was talking about looked good! I am definitely going to give it a shot. Need to get Hub to activate the plugin on my blog!

I am going to finish with some photos I took of the audience during the presentations. I have never seen so many computers, iPads and smartphones in use in one place! there were people blogging and tweeting about the talks as they happened.

Here is a photo of the people sitting next to me. There are four people and . . .two laptops, one iPad and four smartphone (though you can only see two of the four smartphones in this pic).

I love this event 'badge' - it shows a line drawing of the 'Painted Ladies' of Alamo Square - a San Francisco landmark! The main badge at the head of this blog shows a cablecar!

The people sitting next to me in the Scott Rosenberg talk - again iPads and laptops in plentiful supply at this talk. This room even had tables and power sources for laptop users!

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  1. Kara

    This is a great recap of WordCamp, SF. I wish I could have made it out myself. Thank you for the correction on my blog as I have a bad habit of confusing Post St. with Polk.


  2. girl

    Thanks Kara. I’m enjoying reading your blog, which i came to via ‘The Simplist’ blog blogroll, which I came to via the Wordcamp attendees list! Phew – that was complicated! Yes Wordcamp was fun. I think I’ll go again next year as well! Perhaps I’ll see you there!

  3. Dori

    I follow your blog once a week. Congratulations!
    It helps me a lot with my “old English”.
    Going to York in July!!

  4. Beatrice M

    What a great recap! Glad to hear that you had a good time. Will check out a couple of the links to talks. Thank you.


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