After a fairly industrious day doing chores and laundry, Hubby and I went to the cinema to see Avatar (not in 3D as that sort of thing gives Hubby headaches). I’ve sort of ducked out of all the Avatar hype, but was struck by the fact that some of my Facebook friends went and saw it on New Years Eve and documented their opinions on their Facebook status updates:

  • 1  x mention of it being part of her New Year celebrations
  • 1 x ‘Avatar in 3D just blew me away’
  • 1 x ‘Avatar was a fun movie, but I wasn’t blown away. Maybe if I saw it in 3D? Glad to have seen it and glad that the spoiler I received wasn’t real for the plot.’

Well, I enjoyed it! I was thinking that I probably wouldn’t like it. When I saw the trailer a few months ago I did not think it was my sort of movie. I now realize that the trailer is quite misleading. I don’t read much science fiction and struggled with the whole suspension of reality thing, but managed to get past that. I loved the special effects and make-up and feel that the film is worth seeing for these things alone. Hubby tells me that the film was conceived about twelve years ago and the movie-makers have been waiting until the technology required for the special effects was suitably developed!

The plot was a bit predictable and  not particularly original, but very well executed. Definitely one for the cinema rather than DVD as you’d miss the scale of the special effects on a small screen. I think I probably would have gone and seen the 3D version had the film not been so incredibly long – close to 3 hours!

Sunday morning: Hubby has just told me that Avatar has made more than $1 Billion at the box office already and is currently the fourth biggest movie of all time!

Sunday evening: Just got alerted to the fact that the latest XKCD comic (XKCD = geek internet comic about ‘romance, sarcasm, math and language’. Hubby and I went to an event in the summer where we saw the writer) mentions AVATAR! Check it out!

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