Sushi Love . . . on a plate!

One of the best things about living in San Francisco is the quality and variety of sushi here. I am particularly fond of sushi rolls, though Hub doesn’t consider rolls to be ‘real’ sushi. He always goes for nigiri sushi. Our current favorite sushi place in the city is Ebisu, they have a wide range of both nigiri and rolls! The fish is always very fresh and their divine sushi ginger is addictive. We went there on Saturday after going to the Tutenkhamun exhibition at the De Younge Museum in Golden Gate Park.

I had the Swamp Roll, a wonderful Ebisu concoction of spicy tuna surrounded with seaweed and rice and sprinkled with pickled seaweed salad. One word – YUM! I keep reaping the rewards of having an English accent: I waxed lyrical about the yummy sushi ginger and the server went and got me a box of it to take home!

The Ebisu Swamp Roll - 6 pieces of sushi heaven!

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