We went out for dinner at a friend’s place across on the other side of The Bay on Sunday night. We saw the most stunning sunset on the way over and had to stop and take photos. The photos ended up looking almost like a picture postcard from somewhere tropical!

I hope these snaps encourage friends back home to come and visit me! This is the kind of thing we see EVERY DAY in San Francisco!

First glimps of the sunset once we'd finally found a parking spot and got out of the car

My 'tropical island' shot!

I loved the way that the sunset looked reflected in this window

The sunset in the window (no tree!)

2 comments to “Stunning Sunset”

  1. Rona

    OK, consider me duly tempted, looks stunning!

    BTW, am enjoying the blog, especially the glimpse of your cooking – its almost enough to get me back into the kitchen (which these days is a challenge).

  2. girl

    Please, please, PLEASE come and visit . . . I’ll cook for you as well – so you get my food and the sights!!!


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