Yes, we had a tsunami warning in San Francisco. No, we did not have an actual tsunami here – just some high waves, tidal surges and choppy seas. And although there were big signs on all the beaches warning people not to get into the water, some adrenaline-junkie windsurfers were out on the water in the bay, close to the Golden Gate Bridge. What I’m getting at, is that the tsunami had very little effect on San Francisco. Not that this has stopped enterprising t-shirt companies from coming up with a ‘I Survived the Tsunami San Francisco, 2011’ t-shirt. I did stop to wonder, who would buy such a t-shirt? I wouldn’t. Would you?

Post Script: This is a light post, but it should not diminish the severe and catastrophic effects of the tsunami on Japan and the Japanese people. Click here to donate to the Red Cross to help rebuild lives and homes in Japan.

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