The smoke detector we have in our apartment talks! This is NOT a good thing. It has been saying ‘No batteries’ in a very loud female voice, every half hour through the night. The ceiling in our apartment is very high and we can’t reach it otherwise we would have tried to find a way to switch it off. I was very tempted to throw something at it, but was worried that I would set off the actual alarm, which I am guessing is louder and more annoying than The Voice. Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night and have woken up feeling very grumpy – every time I drifted off, the horrid thing would talk and wake me up! I am waiting for maintenance to come and fix it . . . AND I have backache thanks to jumping up so many times in the night!

2 comments to “Smoke Detectors Should Not Talk!”

  1. dan

    Do you have some chairs? What you need to do is make one of these then you can reach it to change the batteries:

  2. girl

    Unfortunately we didn’t have any multi-colored chairs to stack up into a climbable sculpture. Perhaps we should have tried it with our boring black dining chairs?


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