I think I have a slight obsessions with signs, which has been fueled by the weird and wonderful signage I have come across since moving to San Francisco.

Here are three signs we saw on the same (very short) stretch of road in Marin on the way back from visiting the Marine Mammal Sanctuary a couple of months ago. In isolation, the signs were interesting, but in quick succession on the same short stretch of road, they were hilarious! So much so, that I made Hub drive back along the road and stop at each sign so that I could take a photo!

CAUTION RUNNERS ON THE ROAD - I think it should have had a ':' or a ',' after 'CAUTION'. OK, this sign is not so remarkable - there is some sort of race going on and motorists are being warned to watch out for runners!

SLOW: FROGS ON THE ROAD WHEN WET - Frogs on the road? Frogs? REALLY? Clearly frogs are a BIG problem for the Marin motorist to warrant such a very prominent sign. NB. It had been raining prior to our visit and the the road was wet, but although we looked very carefully, we saw no frogs!

DO NOT APPROACH OR FEED COYOTES - Clearly frogs are the least of the our problems on this stretch of Marin!

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