On our recent visit to the SFMoMA, we stopped for a hot drink at the cafe on the terrace, which serves amazing Blue Bottle coffee. It also serves divine Recchiuti hot chocolate and incredible-looking art-themed desserts, which are not like anything I have ever come across. I didn’t feel compelled to actually have one – they look too good to eat – but I loved looking at them and I think you will too!

Mondrian Cake - Velvet cake, chocolate ganache. Inspired by "Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow", 1930

'Build Your Own Richard Serra' Cookies - Swedish gingersnap, chocolate sablé, graham cracker and citrus tuile

Frida Kahlo Mexican Wedding Cookies - Walnut/nocino shortbread, hand-printed box, printed ribbon. Inspired by "Frida and Diego Riviera", 1931

Diebkorn Trifle - Genoise cake, lemon mousse, mandarin curd, strawberry gelée. Inspired by "Ocean Park #122", 1980

Jeff Koons' White Hot Chocolate - White chocolate, milk, cardamom, lemon zest, Lillet marshmallows, gold leaf. Inspired by "Michael Jackson and Bubbles", 1988

Thiebaud Layer Cake - Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, strawberry-rose geranium buttercream. Inspired by "Chocolate Cake", 1971

Ellsworth Kelly Fudgesicle . . . not really . . . this is the actual Ellsworth Kelly sculpture that inspired the fudgesicle

Ellsworth Kelly Fudgesicle - Recchiuti chocolate. Hub had this. I had a lick. It was undoubtedly the best chocolate fudgesicle I had ever eaten. I love the fact that they use Recchiuti chocolate. Recchiuti is a San Francisco-based artisanal chocolatier and one of Hub's favorite chocolatiers

No picture of the actual thing, and in any case this was not art-inspired. However, I loved the sketch, so I added it. Secret Breakfast ice cream is made by a local ice creamery called Humphrey Slocomb. Apparently it has cornflakes in it!

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