Chocolate LabThis photo says it all! My MIL is visiting us at the moment. On Sunday we took her out for brunch and then on to the new Recciuti Chocolate Lab (like hubby, MIL is a bit of a chocoholic) in the up-and-coming Dogpatch area of town. Recchiuti is a local artisinal confectioner, whose creations are available in shops and in the store in The Ferry Building Marketplace. This is their first cafe. Hubby had a decadent ice-cream sundae and MIL and I had the chocolate tart pictured above. I was full up from brunch, and didn’t really feel like dessert, until I was this. Hubby pointed out that is was very small and he would polish off any leftovers (which there were and which he did!). The tart was exquisite. A perfect blend of Recciuti chocolate. My only criticism was that the decorations made it a bit messy to eat! The non-dessert food at the Chocolate Lab looked amazing too – beautifully presented and interesting. We might go again for lunch, but since it was a bit crowded and not particularly baby-friendly, I think it will be sans bebe! Check out the menu here! If you are in the neighborhood, other places to check out are Rickshaw Bagworks, who sell customized canvas/fabric bags (I love their bags. I bought one as a laptop bag/alternative diaper bag and two as lightweight handbags for use when I was pregnant and unable to tote around heavy leather handbags) and Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous, who sell amazing organic, seasonal ice creams! Also drop into Little Nib, a miniature Recciuti chocolate shop, to stock up on Recchiuti chocolates. I recommend the milk chocolate coated burnt sugar almonds! Little Nib only stocks a small sample of Recchiuti’s packaged confections (and local honey from hives on the roof of the Founder’s home). To sample the full compliment of Recchiuti confections you will need to go to their Ferry BuildingĀ store!

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  1. Zahid

    Looks and sounds fabulous — I guess I know where we’re going the next time we visit!


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