One of my favourite shops in Japantown is called ICHIBAN KAN – USEFUL THINGS. It really is stuffed full of useful things for the house, stationery, personal care products, snacks, Hubby’s favourite Japanese candy (he lived in Japan for 2 years as a child and has retained a fondness for certain Japanese treats!), and lots more besides. A lot of the products they sell make me giggle. Sometimes it’s the product brand name that’s funny and sometimes it is the product itself!

Here are some examples:

Got itchy ears? You need these bamboo earpicks. Two in each pack - one with a pompom on the end and the other with what looks like a bird!

'Naive' brand toiletries!

'Gatsby' brand toiletries, clearly targeted at the dapper Japanese gentleman!

And if you're a Japanese Goth, you mustn't forget to stock up on the 'Extra Heavy Eyeliner' and the 'Extra Large Mascara'

Toilet seat too cold? Get a stretchy towelling toilet seat cover! One size fits all!

Toilet Seat too hard? Here are some self-adhesive toilet seat padding strips! Available in pink or blue!

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