Hub subscribes to a blog which had a link to a lovely foodie website called Savory Sweet Life, which had a recipe for making potato chips in the microwave. We tried out the recipe and made some improvements. A normal potato does not yield very many chips, but the chips are delicious and fun to make. I think this is a good snack to make if you’re on a diet and feeling nibbly. The chips take a while to prepare, you are in control of the fat and salt and each batch does not make too many, which makes these a perfect dieters snack!

What you need:

1 potato
Olive Oil Cooking Spray (alternatively you can use regular olive oil and a pastry brush)
Parchment (Greaseproof) paper (or a microwaveable glass plate)
Paper Towels (or a clean tea towel/napkin)
Salt (we used Spice Island’s Hickory Smoked Salt)

What you do:

1. Wash the potato and dry it.

2. Slice it thinly. We used our amazing Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline to cut the slices. We made three batches of chips with our potato, each one using a different thickness of potato slice – 0.8mm, 2mm, 1.3mm. They all made good chips, but the one that worked best was the 1.3mm thickness, which yielded perfect crisps! If you don’t have a mandoline, a potato peeler, or a cheese slice, or a knife will do.

3. Carefully dry each slice with your paper towels. Uneven drying will cause uneven cooking of potato!

4. Measure out a piece of parchment paper that will fill your microwave.

5. Spray the parchment paper lightly with the olive oil spray.

6. Spread an even layer of potato slices on the parchment paper.

7. Spray the tops of the potato slices with oil spray.

8. Sprinkle the potato slices sparingly with salt. We used some Hickory Smoked Salt, which is one of our gourmet pantry staples (a tiny sprinkling of this wonderful stuff is guaranteed to turn boring dishes such as boiled eggs and salted chips into a gourmet treat!)

9. Turn off the turntable/rotator  in your microwave.

10. Carefully put the parchment paper with the potato slices into your microwave.

11. You will need to experiment with cooking temperature and time. You want the chips to be light brown. We cooked our chips on High for 5-7 minutes. The chips in the middle of the sheet will be ready earlier than the others. When you see the middle chips are brown, stop the oven and take them out. We found that we took out some of the chips after 5 minutes and put the pale chips from the edge of the parchment into the middle of the sheet and continued cooking.

12. Repeat the process until your whole potato is used up.

I tried doing this with carrots – I think that the slices need to be really thin to work well and the cooking time should be reduced. Burned carrot chips are really horrible!
I am sure other root vegetables would also work well.

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  1. alice

    Hickory smoked salt sounds wonderful!!

  2. girl

    It’s really distinctive tasting, Alice. I must say, I think your blog is brilliant! Looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes! YUM!


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