Just needed to vent! I spent the whole of yesterday trying to make doctors and dentist appointments and I think I spent half the day talking to various people from AT&T and T-Mobile. It was frustrating. It feels to me as though there are lots of people out there trying to extort money from ordinary people in underhand and sneaky ways. I seem to have spent the whole day doing battle in one way or another. It was exhausting! Living in the US for one year has made me really cynical! I feel slightly better today – maybe it’s the anesthetic and pain killers from the root canal I had done this morning that are keeping me calm. I definitely did not feel this way yesterday!

One comment to “Grrr . . . I hate negotiating with the healthcare system here and cellphone companies are FRUSTRATING!!”

  1. Winnie

    What you have done here in your blog is fantastic! It’s all the more interesting as it’s from the perspective of a Brit in SF. I especially like your recipes – I am very tempted to try the Fish En Papillote.
    Hope you and hubby are well
    Winnie xxxx


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