Giants fever hitting San Francisco! Even our local pizzeria showed its support!

Baseball is a big deal in the US. If you are a foreigner like me, but have watched any popular American films, you would know this. Keen to experience this important facet of American culture since arriving here, I have tried to persuade Hub to take me to a to watch at least one baseball game, but alas, this has not yet happened.

‘Our’ local team is the San Francisco Giants. Check out the team anthem, here – I can’t stop humming the chorus! And, a few days ago it won the MLB (Major League Baseball) World Series, which is a BIG DEAL. Yesterday there was a ‘ticker tape’ parade to celebrate the win, which bought the city to halt. I knew very little about baseball before arriving in San Francisco. I have always thought of it as the American version of cricket/rounders. This was confirmed by my very patient friend, F, who explained the basics of the game to me. In the past two years my biggest exposure to the games held in the city, have been when I’ve had to listen to Hub complaining about the traffic and parking problems downtown caused when a game was on. I was also used to seeing locals wearing orange and black Giants  t-shirts and baseball hats.

But when the Giants starting doing well in the  World Series, the whole mood of the city changed and I began to pay more attention to what was going on. When The Giants won, the city erupted with happiness. My friend, L managed to capture the feeling in her Facebook Status update where she said, “I find it impossible to believe that there is a place on the planet that is more happy than San Francisco has been these past couple of weeks. Amazing nights of victory and fabulous weather – cheers to the 2010 champions of happiness and baseball.” (Thank you L, for allowing me to quote you).

Smily, happy San Franciscans! I loved this one's Hawaiian Giants shirt!

The last time the Giants won the World Series was in the 50s, when they were a New York based team! As some of the newspaper headlines indicate, the wait for victory has been ‘sweet torture’.

My parents are visiting from the UK. They arrived a week ago and were quite bemused by the fact that several people, ranging from our building security guards to shop assistants, beamed at them and told them how lucky they were arriving in time for the World Series playoffs in which the Giants were playing!

In fact, a week ago I was buying a phone chip with my dad in a T-mobile shop downtown. I asked the person serving us who had won the previous day’s game. “The Giants!” he boomed back and to my dad’s amusement, he ‘high-fived’ me!  That has never happened to me before!

So when the Giants won overall, and the parade was scheduled, and the weather forecast was for sunshine, my parents and I decided to go and soak up some of that happiness and atmosphere and see the parade. We went to the Civic Centre and were submerged in a sea of orange and black. We managed to find a spot, where we caught sight of the procession of players and staff, riding in cable cars. We joined in the cheers of ‘Fear the Beard’ (referring to the beard worn by Giants’ pitcher, Brian Wilson and several other Giants).  There were a lot of people in front of us and the civic centre itself was packed, as some people had camped out from as early as 4am.

This was my view of the parade. I just about managed to catch sight of the team!

One of the many 'Fear the Beard' t-shirts worn to the parade!

We didn’t stay for too long as it was very hot and crowded. We came home instead and watched the speeches and presentations on TV, however being there, for even a short time was quite an experience!

I really must be more persuasive with Hub or find someone else to go to a ballgame with me!

Heading home, we spotted this extremely cute little Giants fan in a cheerleader outfit, fast asleep on her dad's shoulders!

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    My lovely friend, L had very kindley offered to go to a ballgame with me next year! YAY!


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