We went to Fort Point, the fort under the Golden Gate Bridge for a historical re-enactment day. Well, the re-enactors were there all day – we were there for just over an hour at the end of the day! The fort has been closed to the public since 9/11, but is opened up on occasion and this was one such ‘occasions’. The views from the top of the fort really blew me away more than the re-enactment.

The re-enactment was interesting. The members of the society that take part in this (20th Maine, company G),┬átake it all quite seriously and were trying to stay ‘in character’ throughout the time we were there. From what I read on their website, I think that some of these people actually camp inside the fort overnight. The fort was very dusty and dirty and COLD – not my idea of fun!

Two girls, huddling for warmth at the entry of the fort. It was a lovely sunny day, but it's always chilly beside the sea!

The wives and daughters of the 'soldiers'

Soldiers in formation!

'Soldiers' inside the communications office

I love this outfit!

The re-enactors were of all ages. Here is a 'soldier' boy

Inside the soldiers' mess

On top of the fort we had an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

The view of downtown San Francisco from the top of the fort

The lighthouse tower on the fort under the bridge

Looking through the girders to the other side of the bridge. I love this shot!

Turn of the century (the 19th century that is!) photo of the fort. Look – no bridge. This photo and the next one were taken before the bridge was built.

Another turn of the century. At the time this photo was taken, this fort and the others that are dotted around the coast were very much in use as military fortifications and guard posts used to protect San Francisco

Lots of people were utilizing the rare opportunity of being able to go into the fort, including this rapper filming a music video on top of the fort.

The flag which was about to be lowered. Look at the brilliant blue of the sky! The weather has been really wet and overcast over the past few weeks, so I really appreciated the lovely weather we had today!

The very solemn flag folding ceremony at the end of the day

As I said before . . . re-enactors of all ages

A last view of the bridge and fort as we walked back to Crissy Field. We were so lucky that the weather was SO BEAUTIFUL!

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