Octopus kites at The Berkeley Kite Festival

I haven’t blogged for ages. I have several almost-completed blogs in my drafts folder, which I haven’t finished and posted. I resolve to do some catching up this week, so look out for a host of new posts . . . starting with this one!

We went to the Berkeley Kite Festival at the end of July. I have not blogged about it yet because I wanted to include a video clip and have bee trying different ways to do this. I finally resorted to youtube.

The Berkeley Kite Festival was amazing fun. We met some friends, F, a fellow ex-pat Brit and her fiancé, E, who happens to be a bit of a kite flying pro on the side.

We ate a picnic lunch, which included several treats from Berkeley Farmers Market, where F and E had shopped earlier in the morning. We then watched various displays, including kite ballets, kite fights and kite races and did some of own kite flying too. Hub ended up buying a 3D green kite and we both tried our hands at flying it . . . fairly successfully! E brought along two kites from his extensive collection – the one he (and F) flew was a huge pirate kite! Yo ho ho!

Highlights were watching the beautiful kites and the priceless sight of Hub running around and flying his kite like a little kid!

My only negative was that the park was full of gophers, that kept popping up from under the ground. I’ve never seen them before. They look like gerbils – quite cure, really! But if you’re a city girl like me, this sort of wildlife, however cute is a bit creepy!

I am very keen to return to the kite festival, perhaps with more friends (and more kites) in tow.

Check out my video of  the giant Octopus kites and other giant kites!

Here are some more photos!

The huge octopus kites that greeted us as we neared the main display field.

Hub's new green kite!

A beautiful dragon kite - I saw several of these. I think that they were articulated, as they flew in a very realistic way

E's pirate kite finally takes flight!

I loved these little multi-colored men kites that danced in the breeze!

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