Hubby and I welcomed in the new year by watching the fireworks at Pier 14 in downtown San Francisco. It was quite and experience. We ended up taking the bus down and were really glad of our decision as the traffic was really bad! We went down early (10.30pm) to get a good spot and went equipped with thermos flasks containing hot tea and hot spiced apple cider and books to read to pass the time. I’m reading a really gripping book called The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, which is about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. It focuses in on Daniel Burnham, the chief architect of the fair and Dr H.H.Holmes, a serial killer. It’s based on historical sources.

Here are the photos from the evening:

The fireworks begin . . .

More fireworks . . . and you can see the Bay Bridge on the right!

The crowds around us watching the fireworks!

Pretty red fireworks!

I loved this one . . .

A shower of light . . .

Saturn-shaped . . . Sadly I didn't manage to catch the heart and smily-face fireworks that followed!

Grand finale!

Trying to make our way to the bus stop after the fireworks . . . along with a few hundred thousand other people!Leaving the Ferry Building!

The Embarcadero overrun with revelers!

The crowds watching the show beside us, near the Ferry Building . . .

Looking back at the lock tower in the Ferry Building!

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